How the journey began

What started as a simple friendship and exciting hobby of two young pilots has developed into a mutual endeavour and lifelong devotion. Our big dream has finally come true through a small batch distillery, where everything from distillation and aging to bottling and sealing is done by our own hands.

Passion for flying combined with passion for the finest spirits inspired two pilots to establish the Croatian micro-distillery “Duh u boci” and create something truly unique.

Old Pilot’s Gin, their exquisite London Dry Gin, is distilled with selected, all-natural Croatian botanicals such as juniper, orange, lavender, sage, angelica and olive leaves. Each bottle is carefully handcrafted and matured using the world’s only recipe for gin made in the skies.

Distillery Duh u boci is focused on producing premium quality spirits. Our process, selected botanicals and unique distillation technology allow us only high quality spirits. We are not high volume distillery. We are small batch distillery and everything from distillation to bottling is done by us and in our very own distillery. Quality and authenticity without compromises.

There are easier ways to produce spirits. Extracts, faster distillation, smaller cuts …., that’s not us. We only use heart of distillation cutting out bad alcohols at the beginning and at the end of the distillation process.

We are proud of every bottle that came out of our distillery. Premium quality, every time.

Exceptional quality, unique flavours, local authenticity and unwillingness to compromise are the main reasons why we are so proud of every bottle that comes off our still.