Barrel Aged Gin – Prošek Finish

63.71  incl. VAT

Barrel Aged Gin – Prošek Finish is gin rested in oak barrels for minimum of 3 months. Sweet, final aftertaste comes from resting the gin in ex-Prošek wine barrels. Prošek wine is sweet dessert wine that comes traditionally from southern part of Croatia.

Gin is distilled from following Croatian botanicals: juniper berries, sage, lavender, olive leaves, sweet orange, bitter orange and angelica.

Alcohol strength is little bit less than our classical Barrel Aged Gin. 43% alc.vol.

Barrel Aged Gin – Prošek Finish is a great sipper. Notes of vanilla, oak and dried fruit with long aftertaste.

Volume: 700 ml

ABV: 43 % alk.vol.

Certified Vegan product without Gluten, GMO-free and Allergen-free.

Old Pilot's certifikati vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free